Blend of Laboratory
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Laboratory Objectives

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Laboratory Profile

  • Laboratory executing two sponsored projects sanctioned by DST and SERB India. One is on photonic based water purification and other is structured light for medical and defense applications

  • Laboratory is equipped with spectroscopy, electronics, chemical, manufacturing and design related requirements.

  • Laboratory is working very closely with institute incubation cell MaDeIT innovation foundation and encouraging students towards entrepreneurship.

  • Recently two project students filed patents for their devices

Team & Projects at  glance

Dr. Jayachandra Bingi, 

Assistant Professor & Lab head

Mr. Priram P Shetty, 
PhD scholar

Project: Working on Structured light for medical and defense applications

Ms. Hemalatha. V, 
PhD scholar

Project: Photonics based fluoride ion filtration and water purification

Mr. Mahalingam B, Research Assistant (DST-RFBR Project)

Project: Structured light